Pauls Fans has been in the mine industry since 1958

Paul Elswick started Paul’s Repair Shop in 1958 (Repairing underground mine equipment, trucks, & other projects.) In the mid-60’s with the demand for small vane mining equipment Paul developed the Mark-IV roof bolting machine to install roof bolts for the added protection of the miners. These machines were built with various heights & configurations & proved to be indispensible yet affordable for small underground truck mines throughout the United States.

As times & demands changed, the need for increased mine ventilation prompted a change in direction to meet customer requests and needs. Since that time, over 5000 custom ventilation systems have been built, rebuilt or installed throughout the USA, Canada and Mexico by Paul's Repair Shop, Inc./Pauls Fans.


We now focus entirely on building, installing, & servicing mine & industrial ventilation fans.

The original Paul's Repair Shop Mark IV Roof Bolt Machine  Big Rock, VA
Paul D. Elswick of Paul's Repair Shop Mine Ventilation Fan Company Big Rock, VA
Pauls Axial Vane Fan Coal Mine Ventilation System for Sale Coal Mine and Industrial Underground Ventilation Systems

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